How To Download Sound Cloud Songs in easy way – music hosting service enables you to share your music tracks or Audio  in just few clicks.It’s very awesome service given by, its very desperate to download Sound Cloud songs or music tracks from it.Because its original Author don’t let you to download Music because of copyright.

There are some services available on internet using which, you can easily download Sound Cloud Songs or Music tracks  just by copy pasting your target URL in the box and then only you have to do is to click on the Download button.Other way is that, you can also use Firefox Add ons.

Here, I will show you many different ways to download Sound Cloud musics.

Using Online Services

There are some great websites available on internet using which, you can download sound cloud songs in just few seconds.They are listed below.


– copy & paste your target url in input box

– click on download

– click Save As and save sound track in your computer in convenient place.




– copy & paste your target URL

– click on Download

– click on “Click To Download”


Really great online service to download Youtube videos as well as SoundCloud musics.





It gives you the functionality to download any SoundCloud tracks in just two steps.first you have to copy & past target url and then you have to right click on player and download it using Save as is very similar to offliberty and soundclouddownloader.

Firefox Add Ons

1.) Soundcloud SUPER +2

This Add-on gives you to download every track from and it also gives you recommendations! After installing this Add-on you will have a new Download button at every track.

sound cloud download Soundcloud SUPER +2

You can find it here –

2.) SoundCloud Downloader

Adds download link/button to all soundcloud tracks. This works for the new soundcloud site/interface.It is very similar to SoundCloud Super 2+.

download sound cloud

You can find it here –


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