How to delete duplicate files from your PC automatically ?

Are you tired with huge amount of duplicate files present in you PC?  Due to multiple duplication of file  in PC consume a lots of Hard Disk space and its total wast of your hard disk space. Remove / Delete duplicate files form PC by manually process is very time consuming and tedious process because  have to check each file manually at same folder or different folder on Hard disk. In certain condition, when a lots of duplicate file present in hard disk, its become very tedious to remove files manually.


Best choice is to remove or delete file automatically form Hard disk to free lots of space acquire by duplicates files. In this post, I guide you have to remove or delete duplicates files automatically by using of Duplicates Cleaner software.

Duplicate Cleaner is free and a useful program which you help to organize the contents of your home hard drive . You will be surprised just how many redundant or duplicate files you could find forgotten in an obscure documents folder. Duplicate Cleaner will deep scan for all types of files – photos, music, films, video, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, text files – you name it, if it appears twice on your computer then Duplicate Cleaner will find it. Once these files are found you are provided with helpful tools to enable you to select which copies to delete or move.These files can be deleted to the recycle bin or moved into an archive elsewhere.

[box style=’download’]Download: Duplicate cleaner – Download Free Here [/box]

Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate cleaner allow to file duplicate file based on Same file name and based on same content in file. after selecting that click on same now button.

duplicate cleaner result

After the scan to complete, go to the Duplicate Files tab and click the Selection Assistant icon (it’s the one with the magic wand) and select Mark>Select by Group>All but one file in each group. Once the program has made all of the selections, click the File Removal button and decide how you want the files disposed.

Duplicate Cleaner Mark duplicate file in to folder

You can search Particular one folder to mark duplicate files as shown in figure, Select one folder which you want to search and then click on Mark Duplicate files in this folder. software will mark all duplicates file in to folder then you can delete file selectively form that. Duplicate cleaner also search duplicate images, audio file, video file for  many other format and also delete it to save a lots of space.

[box style=’download’]Download: Duplicate cleaner – Download Free Here [/box]

I also recommended to use other Software to remove duplicate files listed below:

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  1. Duplicate File Finder – Download Here
  2. Duplicate Checker – Download Here


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