How to Download, Install and Play Temple Run 2 in PC?


Temple Run 2 is out for Android, iOS and Windows touchscreen devices. This game is specially developed for touchscreen game experience. But, what is you can play Temple Run 2 in PC? It’s even cool to play this game in large screen with your usual keyboard and mouse. Temple Run 2 is loaded with even more graphics and more enjoyment. Imangi Studios made this game even more exciting and playful. There is a lot of new features that you will like to enjoy more.

To give you just an example how famous this game is, they achieved 100,000,000 downloads in only Android Play Store! So, from this statistics, it’s clear that Temple Run 2 is a big hit in the gaming industry and they made this game even harder to play for gamers like me and you. Personally I have made my best score of 90 Lakhs, but it still lower than the highest out there ! To beat this score, let me try the same game in PC and let’s see what happens. I’m damn sure that with the help of big screen and different interface I will be able to make score bigger than this.

Now, let’s discuss what is new in Temple Run 2?

Features of Temple Run 2

  1. The person running in the game is having new dressing and cool ability to do different things. The monster behind you is also running hard to catch you.
  2. There is many new levels and objectives that you will surely like to go through. This levels differentiate this game a lot from the regular Temple Run game.
  3. Temple Run 2 is having 3D look and awesome interface, with realistic graphics and cool nature.
  4. Obstacles and power ups are different this time. It will surely entertaining when you pass any realistic looking obstacle. :)
  5. Experience is when you tilt your phone to turn (I’m not talking about sharp turns.) in the way and swing on the rope.

This are some cool new features, but it’s not all. You will see many changes in this new game and surely get addicted to while playing it in PC. Bus still I’m hiding the trick to play Temple Run 2 in PC from you. Without wasting time let’s get started on how to play your favorite game Temple Run 2 in PC. Do remember to share your experience with our readers how you feel while playing this awesome game named as Temple Run 2 in the comment section below. We always appreciate our reader’s comments so, please don’t hesitate commenting in the below section.

How to Download, Install, Run and Play Temple Run 2 in PC?

Follow the steps given below on how to download and play Temple Run 2 in PC.

Step 1 : Download Bluestacks Offline Installer from their official website.
Step 2 : Install the software in your PC, it will play all android apps. Even you can download from Google Play Store or run .apk File.
Step 3 : Just search for Temple Run 2 in Bluestacks from your PC and install it in PC.
Step 4 : Wait until the application (Temple Run 2 Game) gets installed in your computer.
Step 5 : Now, just click on the app (Game) as you usually do in your Android or iOS device.
Step 6 : Just enjoy game… Enjoying also need action that’s why Step 6 ! :)

You also can download .EXE file of Temple Run 2 game ans install it in your PC. This method will work to download ans install any android app you want in to your PC. Play any game or App (Even your favorite Whatsapp) in your PC using this trick and stay connected with us for this type of cool tricks and tips. Comment below if you face any problem in the procedure of installing Temple Run 2 in your PC. We are always here to help you out. :)

Have Fun…!


  1. BHavin says

    Temple run 2 is seriously cool game. I like to play it while travelling for college. best time pass game and you made me to install it in PC ! wow, I now need to play it at home even :) thanks for sharing the Temple run 2 game.

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